TWCS Team Members

Amanda Hayward Chief Executive Officer
Lea Dimovski Executive Administration
Cindy Bidwell Executive Assistant to the CEO
Art and Audio Department
Jennifer McGuire Deparment Manager
Jada D’Lee Graphic Artist
Megan Dooley Graphic Artist
Editing Department
Janine Savage Editor in Chief
Shay Donovan Managing Editor & Acquisitions
Lauren Schmelz Managing Editor Romance
Christine McPherson Copy Editor
Elyse Evans Copy Editor
Jennifer Matera Copy Editor
Shaina Hanson Copy Editor
Alicia Buster Editing Intern
Lea Dimovski Line Editor
Catherine Waring Proofreader
Kathie Spitz Proofreader & Assistant Acquisitions Editor
Andrea McKay Proofreader & Manuscript Editor
Christine Diane Substansive Editor
DJ Gann Substansive Editor
Erin Morgan Substansive Editor
Hayley Fisher Substansive Editor
Julie Nieto Substansive Editor
Verushka Byrow Substansive Editor
Wyndy Dee Substansive Editor
IT Department
Jennifer McGuire Server Management
Marketing and Public Relations Department
Jenny Pedroza Chief Marketing Officer
Laura Barlow-Edwards Marketing Intern
Christa Beebe Marketing Team Member
Jennifer McGuire Chief Operations Officer
Michael Schneider Executive Assistant
Robbie Schneider International Distribution
Kelly Trobaugh Library Manager
Sherrie Holder USA Distribution