Become a Writer

Setting out on the journey can be as simple as picking up a pen and writing down ideas. Have you ever watched a movie or read a book and didn’t like how the author handled a scene? Have you ever thought about messing around a bit to see what would happen if you changed one pivotal moment—what the rest of the story would look like? When you write out those new scenes, creating a whole new story using someone else’s characters, it’s called fan-fiction. This is something many people do, some without even realizing it. Others have used it as a way to hone their skills and gain some confidence.

All great writers should also be frequent readers. Reading reminds the author why they started writing in the first place, either through the inspiration of a well-written book or the disappointment of a character that just falls flat. Both can be equal catalysts to encourage someone to write more—write something better.

Writers can learn so much from one another and their readers as they begin to experiment, test out plot devices, and see if a certain characterization works outside of their head. One way of testing this out is by joining a writing group. Sometimes these can be hard to find in your local area, especially if you don’t live in or near a large city. Testing your stories in forums on sites like the TWCS Library is one ways to find this same sort of community. One that will give you feed back as you go and sometimes make suggestions for how to improve upon what has already been written.

There is a quote by Don Williams Jr. that sums this up well. “ The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” The end goal, the destination, if you will, for anyone who calls themselves a writer is to be published. The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House is a place that was founded on the understanding of the above process. To learn more about the kinds of books we publish, visit our submission guidelines.